A memory for life... and from life...

A memory of the birth of your first child, or grandchild.
A symbol of your friendship.
An extra helping hand and some consolation for when someone is ill...
A memento of a beautiful event...
Or just simply because you love someone.
A sign of being connected... forever with you.

Our angels all have their own story. What is your story?



Jewellery made with stainless steel and gemstones.
For me angels are so much more.. So much more hope, trust and love..
This feeling I would like to share with you.
That is why we choose to make our collection with the utmost care.
I design the collection and my husband makes them.
He polishes the pendants one by one, meaning that they are all unique.
They become even more unique by having a personalized finger or footprint lasered on the pendant.
For animal lovers, we can also create beautiful mementos.
We custom make all bracelets and necklaces and are more than happy to listen to your wishes and ideas.